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Kate Middleton's family makes headlines after her fans relished Meghan's pain

The Princess of Wales' name is appearing in every story about her parents

By Web Desk
June 08, 2023
Kate Middletons family makes headlines after her fans relished Meghans pain

Meghan Markle was attacked mercilessly by the British tabloid media and the supporters of the royal family over her relations with her family especially father.

Her letter to Thomas Markle was famously leaked to the media without her knowledge. 

Only last month her mother Doria was mocked online when she accompanied her daughter and son-in-law to New York where the Duchess of Sussex was honored at the Women of Vision Awards.

Meghan's story is different from Kate's since her father Thomas Markle turned against her and sided with the folks who demonized his daughter after her royal wedding.

But Kate Middleton's family has also started making headlines after the collapse of their family business and their story has the potential to go out of control given people's interests in royal stories.

The family firm that turned the parents of Princess Catherine -- the wife of the heir to the British throne -- into millionaires left debts of nearly £2.6 million ($3.2 million) when it collapsed last month, a report by insolvency specialists has revealed.

The unpaid bills left by the pandemic-hit firm´s collapse include over £600,000 in unpaid tax.

Party Pieces, a celebration paraphernalia mail order business, was built up by Catherine´s parents Carole and Michael Middleton.

Since their daughter´s marriage in 2011 to Prince William, they have become close to the royal family and are regularly invited to royal events and gatherings.

The firm was launched in 1987 after Carole Middleton, 68, searched for ideas for her daughter´s fifth birthday.

According to a report in, Party Pieces wasn't the only thing that helped fill the family's coffers.

The report went on to give details of how Middletons had had enough money before they started the company to support Kate Middleton and her siblings who went to attend the prestigious Marlborough College, where boarding fees for a single year cost more than £32,000.