Saturday September 30, 2023

Prince Harry a ‘deluded ex-royal’ that’s ‘criticising the UK’

Prince Harry allegedly behaves like his only job is ‘criticising the UK’

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023

Prince Harry a ‘deluded ex-royal’ that’s ‘criticising the UK’

Experts believe Prince Harry should already be ‘well acquainted’ with rock bottom, considering he’s on the cusp of one.

These accusatory claims and admissions have been brought to light by royal commentator Allison Pearson.

According to a report by The Telegraph, she started the chat off by accusing the Duke of ‘behaving like a liability’.

So much so that she added, “Focus your energy on saving yourself”.

Especially considering “you’re going to need it when the King realises you’re a total liability and does what he should have done a while ago, and takes away your titles.”

Ms Pearson later went on to offer more insight into her thoughts and admitted, “It’s simply not tenable to have this deluded ex-Royal going around criticising the UK.”

Especially considering the fact that “on a national level, our country is judged globally by the state of our press and our government – both of which I believe are at rock bottom”.”

Before concluding however, she slipped in a sly jibe against the Duke and said, “Well, Harry should know all about rock bottom. You couldn’t make it up… but, then, they already have.”