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Prince Harry ‘lied’ in Spare? ‘Inaccuracies are there’

Prince Harry has just come under fire for coming out with ‘shocking inaccuracies’ from his memoir

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023

Prince Harry ‘lied’ in Spare? ‘Inaccuracies are there’

Prince Harry has officially gone back on his word and admitted to allegedly fabricating a story from his memoir Spare.

This admission has been shared by Prince Harry himself, during a stint on the witness stand against Mirror Group Newspapers.

For those unversed, the story in question talks of an incident where Prince Harry’s pals shaved his head, as a joke and it wound up in all major newspapers.

In reference to this the Duke said, “As a kid at school, I could never have imagined how they got wind of that story so I made the assumption [that a friend leaked it].”

According to a report by the Daily Star, “Now, some many years later, it seems that probably wasn’t the case,” he later admitted.

This claim comes shortly after the prince took a stand against ‘unethical’ news practices which Prince Harry believes ‘destroyed’ his chance at having a childhood.