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Kate Middleton tiara causes her 'terrible headaches', says expert

Kate Middleton favourite tiara could cause her trouble, says expert

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023
Kate Middleton tiara causes her terrible headaches, says expert

Kate Middleton's favourite tiara comes with its disadvantages.

The Princess of Wales, who was spotted wearing her Lover's Knot Tiara last week to the evening reception at the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa in Jordan, could have harmed herself with the weight of the headpiece.

Celebrity stylist Miranda Holder notes how the tiara could cause intense headache to the future Queen.

The celebrity stylist explained: "Apparently because it was so heavy she used to get terrible headaches from wearing it."

This comes as Kate was freshly praised for her new sense of confidence over the years of her marriage, says expert.

Body language expert Darren Stanton touched upon the Princess of Wales changed demeanor after King Charles coronation, noticing she has developed key interpersonal skills.

"Kate has definitely lost all sense of nervousness and intimidation. In terms of gestures, there are no signs of pacifying gestures, including self-hugging, folded arms and bringing her hands towards her face. We don’t see any of that with Kate anymore.

Talking about her newfound growth, the expert adds: "This tells me that she has massively grown and developed in confidence over the years."

He added: "I can definitely see a difference in Kate compared to her appearance at King Charles’s Coronation. Due to the magnitude of the event, she came across as very serious during the ceremony and dressed a lot more formally.