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Meghan Markle next career step is 'back to acting': Expert

Meghan Markle could return to her career as an actress, says expert

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023
Meghan Markle next career step is back to acting: Expert

Meghan Markle is tipped to return to acting with limited career options.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is now embarking on a different journey with her production house, may get back to her previous job due to insufficient experience.

Meghan and Prince Harry are accused of 'oversharing' in a new Channel 5 documentary, Harry & Meghan: Is America Turning Against Them?

Speaking in the interview, royal author Tom Quinn said: "Harry and Meghan will never go back into the Royal Family, no, never.

"But the interesting thing is that they will not want to be pushed out completely.

"They need to keep a connection in order for them to make money in the States

"They've said with their next Netflix deal that they want to produce rom-coms and fiction, but it's a long shot.

"Neither of them really have that experience. I think in the end, Meghan will probably go back to acting."

Meghan and Harry quit UK in 2020 due to intense media complaints of racism by the Royal Family.