Monday September 25, 2023

Prince Harry leaves judge ‘little surprised’

Prince Harry will appear in court on Tuesday

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June 05, 2023
Prince Harry leaves judge ‘little surprised’
Prince Harry leaves judge ‘little surprised’

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry has left the high court judge ‘little surprised’ with his absence on the trial’s opening day Monday.

King Charles younger son failed to appear on Monday at the High Court in London where he is suing a British tabloid publisher.

According to a report by AP News, the Duke of Sussex was scheduled to testify Tuesday, but his lawyer was told last week he should attend Monday’s proceedings.

Harry’s lawyer David Sherborne said the Prince will not take the stand until Tuesday, as he had been celebrating his daughter Princess Lilibet´s second birthday and only arrived in the UK late Sunday.

"His travel arrangements are such and his security arrangements are such that it is a little bit tricky," Sherborne told the packed courtroom.

Reacting to Harry’s absence, Justice Timothy Fancourt said: “I’m a little surprised.”