Monday September 25, 2023

Prince Harry on 'suicide mission'?

Prince Harry's own memoir Spare could turn against him in battle to prove his claims

By Web Desk
June 04, 2023
Prince Harry on suicide mission?

Prince Harry has been issued warnings by some royal and legal experts ahead of his historic appearance in London High Court in his case against the tabloid press.

The Duke of Sussex has been advised to prepare for two of the key requirements for this historic legal battle: First, a single-minded determination to keep going without settling, and second, being rich enough to take the financial hit if he loses.

The newly crowned King, who is out of the country holidaying in Transylvania, once told his son his court cases were a "suicide mission". 

According to some legal experts, it will be a big risk for King Charles III's younger son as he will have to give evidence in person in this Mirror Group Newspapers hacking trial.

He may be required to give answers to detailed questioning about highly personal news stories which he claims were obtained through unlawful means - an allegation which the newspaper group disputes.

Harry needs to prepare for facing questions about stories relating to his relationships, his girlfriends, his late mother Princess Diana, the treatment of Meghan and his life growing up in the Royal Family.

Harry has been warned that his own memoir, "Spare", might be turned against him, with its accounts of drug taking and family tensions.

The legal team for Mirror Group have already said the evidence of hacking is "slim" in some cases and "utterly non-existent" in others.

Some legal experts have shared their thoughts on the case, saying that the Duke could face a hostile encounter with a highly-skilled cross-examiner armed with a battery of techniques to undermine your credibility.

It could be life-long battle for the Duke or damaging as The Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew in 2019, which only lasted an hour , but it is still providing material for news four years later.

Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon, according to BBC, thinks Prince Harry is ill-advised to be appearing in court like this.