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Prince Harry warned ‘inflation hits all’: ‘Even a Duke has a mortgage’

Even a Duke Prince Harry is ‘not immune’ to the effects of inflation

By Web Desk
June 04, 2023

Prince Harry ‘finally meeting’ inflation ‘squarely in the face’ after 35 years of having his living expenses comped by his father and grandmother.

These accusatory claims have been shared by commentator Angela Levin.

She broke it all down to, and started by bashing the couple’s upcoming Netflix project that promises hikes, biking and ‘normal life’ amid inflation.

“If you thought you were suffering through interest rises and inflation then hold onto your hats,” she said in her piece.

“Harry and Meghan might pitch their California dream as oh-just-so-normal - kids on bikes, hiking and beach walks with the dogs - but this normalcy comes with a price tag that is anything but.”

Nearly $730,000-a-year, in mortgage payments, and other council taxes, which Ms Elser feels “must have come as a rude shock for a man who until the age of 35 whose housing had always been taken care of by his Pa or Granny.”

Especially considering “These, mind you, were numbers calculated back when the couple first bought their estate in 2020 and simply having a title doesn’t make a duke immune to the vagaries of inflation.”