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Meghan Markle, mom Doria treat Thomas Markle like a ‘personal bank’

Meghan Markle’s mother reportedly ‘used’ Thomas Markle as a walking and talking piggy bank

By Web Desk
June 04, 2023

Experts have just accused Meghan Markle and her mother Doria Ragland of treating Thomas Markle like their own personal ‘piggy bank’.

These accusations and claims have been brought to light by famed aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell.

Her claims were made during a YouTube appearance, and go on to dish over Markle and her mother’s alleged intentions towards Thomas Markle.

According to Lady C Meghan and her mother treated Thomas Markle like some sort of piggy bank.

So much so that she believes Doria was only with Mr Markle for his money, an the weed she could buy from that chunk.

Lady C even went as far as to accuse Doria of ‘using’ Mr Markle’s other children and said “when she was married to Thomas Markle, she tried to marginalize his other children, according to them and their father.”

In her YouTube video “she treated Thomas Markle Sr. as a piggy bank,” the entire length of their relationship, allegedly.

Lady C also went on to reveal that “Samantha has said she came to despise Doria when she realized all Doria wanted from Thomas is money.”

By the end, many believe “Doria would decamp for days to a place that had a lot of weed.”

For those unversed, these accusatory claims have come in response to Doria’s past as an absent parent, and how she allegedly was gone for 10 years of her daughter’s life, leaving Thomas Markle to foot the bill.