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Prince Harry’s ‘escape room’ is ‘ludicrous’: ‘Why would he want that?

Experts believe Prince Harry’s bid to ‘escape’ the family he’s craved for, for years is ‘completely ludicrous’

By Web Desk
June 03, 2023
Prince Harry’s ‘escape room’ is ‘ludicrous’: ‘Why would he want that?
Prince Harry’s ‘escape room’ is ‘ludicrous’: ‘Why would he want that?

Experts have started to question Prince Harry’s motives regarding the ‘ludicrous’ arrangement with LA’s premiere hotel, where he goes to ‘escape’ from Meghan allegedly.

The revelations and accusations have both been shared by Sky News contributor Angela Levin.

She started the converastion off by noting the ‘shocking nature’ of Prince Harry’s alleged actions.

“He’s an open book when it comes to his facial expressions and it’s not hard to see what’s on his mind at any given moment,” she started by noting.

“He was brilliant with children and longed to get married,” that too for years.

“He’s the sort of father you’d imagine would get up in the middle of the night without complaint to check on his crying infant, whose wide childish smile at breakfast the following morning would make his day.”

So, Ms Levin finds its surprising that the Duke has a hotel room he uses to ‘escape’ from this ‘perfect family’.

“Why would he need such an ‘escape place’ when his own palatial home has a library, cinema, gym, spa, pool, tennis courts, seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and a visitors’ house in the grounds,” she asked.

For those unversed, this question has been posed by the expert in reference to a rumored report that Prince Harry has a hotel room paid through the year, that allows him the option to ‘zip away’ for a few nights.