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Princess Charlotte’s touching similarity with Kate Middleton laid bare

Princess Charlotte is also known to be following in her mother Kate Middleton’s fashionable footsteps

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Princess Charlotte seems to be inspired a lot by her mother Kate Middleton, and she may have inherited her infamous hair flick as well.

Not only is Princess Charlotte following in her mother Kate Middleton’s fashionable footsteps, many royal watchers discovered an uncanny trait that the young royal shares with her mom.

Uploaded to TikTok by user the.royal.watcher, and captioned “Where did Charlotte get the hair flick from?” shared a compilation of a repeated gesture by Charlotte which has been compared to a similar move performed by Kate over her time in the public eye, via Newsweek.

The viral clip has been viewed more than 1.4 million times in 24 hours and received in excess of 26,000 likes and numerous comments.

In one clip shown in the edited compilation, Charlotte is seen at Westminster Abbey on the day of her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s, state funeral. The princess attended the service with her mother and older brother, Prince George.

A second clip, also shows the princess’ “hair flick” on display during her first day at school in 2019.

Taking into account their matching looks for the Coronation ceremony, royal style expert Miranda Holder observed three uncanny similarities between the mother-daughter duo.

“Both of them are super sporty,” she shared. “We know that Charlotte loves nothing better than throwing her workout gear on and getting on with it, whether it’s sailing, abseiling, rugby, or archery. But someone is hot on her heels. Little Charlotte is not messing about here.”

Apart from their love for sports, Holder noted that they also share their love for children. “We also know that Kate loves babies and children, and she puts so much effort into her work to support young people.”

Lastly, the style expert pointed out that they both are “fashion icons, in their own right, and love to coordinate outfits.”