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King Charles’ pal breaks silence on rumors of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s divorce

Prince Harry would reportedly be the ‘worst possible version’ to deal with

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Buckingham Palace residents have reportedly started having long discussions regarding Prince Harry’s relationship.

Even a pal of King Charles stepped forward to offer some insight into what the King is currently feeling, in regards to the divorce rumors.

The pal in question broke their silence with the Daily Beast and began by highlighting the ‘need’ for this marriage to work out.

He was even quoted saying, “The marriage has to work,” and “that’s not a case of Charles saying, ‘Harry has made his bed and has to lie in it.’”

But more so the “case of a father wanting his son, who he loves very much, to be happy and to have his wife and children in his life.”

The pal also went as far as to offer an inside scoop into the legitimacy of the entire claims and added that “these stories are groundless anyway.”

“I don’t think anyone is seriously concerned that they are on the point of separation,” this anonymous friend added before signing off.

A similar revelation by one of Prince William’s pals has also echoed similar sentiments.

Per that friend, “William and Kate had plenty of reservations about the marriage in the first place, precisely because they feared Meghan wasn’t right for Harry.”

“But what’s done is done and now William, like everyone else in the family, just hopes it all works out. Harry returning to the U.K., and trying to find him a job, would be a bloody nightmare.”