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Prince Harry, Meghna Markle are ‘being drained’ by the public

Experts have accused the public of blasting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with ‘too much hate’

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023

Experts believe the onslaught of hate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle endure is ‘draining’.

Everything has been brought forward by royal journalist Samuel Fishwick.

Insights into the writer’s empathy have been shared with the Independent UK.

In one such comment, Mr Fishwick claimed, “to borrow a Meghan-ism, it's very ‘draining’” when, post marriage one begins feeling a ‘powerful empathy for ludicrous celebrity couples’.”

Especially in cases where people say, “we don’t like him being in America and we would love for him to come back to you or somewhere”, the more Mr Fishwick begins rooting for “tiny Team Sussex.”

Referencing the bad press, Mr Fishwick pointed out multiple instances where ‘nothing but hate’ was spewed on the couple.

From Meghan ‘swerving’ to avoid a kiss, to ‘failing to acknowledge their fifth wedding anniversary’, and potentially planning a divorce, the internet is ripe with anti-Sussex news.

While “Every nuance and every detail of this is being poked around in. What is the complete picture?” Mr Fishwick asked before clarifying, “Only those inside the Montecito mansion can tell us.”

But, at the same time “it must be a terrible pressure being under siege. Now we hear the Duchess of Sussex has missed another Los Angeles ceremony, at which she was set to pick up a gong for her podcast. So what? Maybe she had the flu.”