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James Corden's meeting with Meghan and Harry fuels divorce rumours

No picture of them was released together

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
James Cordens meeting with Meghan and Harry fuels divorce rumours

TV personality James Corden made a pit-stop at Prince Harry and Meghan's  Montecito estate, according to Daily Mail on Tuesday.

Corden's visit to Harry and Meghan came just days after he quit the Late Late Show and ditched Hollywood last month before moving back to the UK.

Instead of putting an end to the rumours regarding an alleged rift between Harry and Meghan, the visit seems to have fueled speculations about why he was not pictured with the couple.

The story in the British newspaper was called a PR piece by royal observers who have been criticizing the couple since their departure from the UK.

The purpose of Corden's visit has also came under discussion, with royal commentators wondering whether he met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to convince them to end their differences.

Not much details of his visit have been given in the Daily Mail report. 

The newspaper said  James  was joined by wife Julia and his kids at a  restaurant after his meeting with the royal couple.

It said James became friendly with Harry and Meghan after moving to the States, revealing an interview last year that their kids are also close.

The report said Harry previously appeared as a guest on The Late Late Show shortly after he moved to Los Angeles with Meghan.

The visit comes days after Meghan Markle skipped the Gracie Awards where she was honored for her work.