Saturday September 30, 2023

Kate Middleton’s kid Princess Charlotte could ‘leave royalty behind’ for ‘simpler life’?

Princess Charlotte could ‘give up royalty all together’ to avoid being burdened’

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023

Experts fear Princess Charlotte will one day reach a point where she may no longer want to be burdened with royalty.

BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond weighed in on everything during her most recent interview.

The revelations have been shared during Jennie’s interview with OK magazine.

There, she touched on the possibility of Princess Charlotte one day leaving her royal title behind, to ‘unburden’ from the ‘shackles of royalty’.

“I think we will be in a very modern era when the time comes,” Ms Bond admitted after starting the conversation off.

“I question whether Charlotte will want to be burdened with more titles,” because “she might be a working woman by then.”

Not to mention, “things could change so much in in the next in the next generation.”

“The natural option it would seem to me is that she might become Princess Royal.”

“That's the much more traditional route that the eldest daughter becomes Princess Royal so if I was going to put money on it, it would probably be that.”

“But I also think that she might just feel she wants to remain as just Princess Charlotte,” Ms Bond added.

“We've got William and Catherine who quite often tell the public to call them by their first names, so maybe their daughter will follow suit.”

Before concluding she also added, “Perhaps Charlotte will not even use the Princess title by the time she's grown up and definitely won't want to be burdened with more titles.”