Friday September 22, 2023

Prince Harry planning ‘total annihilation’ of Royal Family

Prince Harry risks ‘completely annihilating the Royal Family and all that it stands for

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023

Prince Harry is currently standing accused planning the ‘severe reputational damage’ of the Firm, once that even they couldn’t handle.

These revelations and accusations have been issued by media analyst, Alice Enders.

These admissions were shared during her interview with Financial Times.

There, Ms Enders accused Prince Harry of carrying a chip on his shoulder against King Charles and the monarchy.

In Ms Enders’ eyes, “Prince Harry is on a mission against what he regards to be a ‘system’ that exists in Britain between the tabloid media and the Royal Household.”

She also admitted to fearing that, “he wishes...on principle to wreak as much reputational damage as possible.”

“The money obviously doesn’t matter as much as the mission,” she also added before explaining how the “Phone hacking has just fallen out of the public eye, and Prince Harry has brought it back to the fore.”