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Prince Harry’s distance with Archie, Lilibet getting ‘longer and wider’

Prince Harry is standing accused of ‘never being present’ for his kids Archie and Lilibet

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023

Prince Harry has come under fire for ‘not being present enough’ with Archie and Lilibet whenever they need him.

The converastion arose once royal commentator Angela Levin stepped forward to address the news.

She broke it all down to GB News and started by questioned why, “They have to pay almost £117,000 in the equivalent of council tax from their local area.”

Have a “library, cinema, gym, spa, pool, tennis court, seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms reduced to 13.”

But then “would somebody want to go and stay in a hotel to get away, I mean it's very odd.”

“One of the hotels is permanently booked for him which sounds to me it's something he can rush to if things are bad,” Is she shouting at him? Is he feeling depressed?”

“There's another hotel with a gym which he also reserves...” Ms Levin asked in her chat. “I think it's a real tragic situation because it means he can't get up with the kids if they need him, he won't be there first thing in the morning, it's a distance isn't it and the distance between them seems to get longer and wider.”