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Critics draw comparisons between Prince Harry and The Weeknd

The Duke of Sussex said he used drugs

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May 28, 2023
Critics draw comparisons between Prince Harry and The Weeknd

Prince Harry's admission in his book that he used drugs has received mixed reactions in the US and the US.

While some people wants the UK royal to be deported from the US, others think what would the US government do about the celebrities who made the similar confessions about drug use.

Prince Harry's admission of drug use in his book Spare and Heritage Foundation's request that his visa application records be made public has sparked an interesting debate.

While the right-wing organization wants Harry to be kicked out from the United States, there are people who are wondering whether a whole bunch of people including Drake and The Weeknd who admitted drug use will face the same fate.

Names of some other foreign celebrities have also come under discussion who were denied entry into the US due to their drug addiction.

The organization's critics are of the view that it demand doesn't make sense and the government is not expected to grant such a request around visa documents for anyone famous or not.

Information regarding Harry's passport is also not known and if he holds diplomatic one, the US government would not want to affect its relations with the UK.

Some people argue that British singer Amy Winehouse was allowed to perform at the Grammy Awards because was denied a visa to enter the United States in 2008 due to her drug addiction.

Her application for a visa to enter the United States of America was rejected by the American Embassy in London.

It is believed that Prince Harry's visa application falls well within FOIA (Freedom of Information AC) Exemption 6 which "Protects information that would constitute and clearly warranted invasion of personal privacy of the individual involved.

The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project is seeking information from the government authorities whether the Duke of Sussex receive preferential treatment from the US government.