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Kate Middleton ‘making it clear’ her ‘word is not final’ when it comes to King Charles

King Charles holds no authority to ‘dictate’ what Prince George should do because Kate Middleton has ‘made it clear’

By Web Desk
May 28, 2023

Kate Middleton has reportedly laid down the law in Buckingham Palace, and has made it clear that even King Charles’ words aren’t final when it comes to matters regarding Prince George.

An inside source that is well placed within the royal fold brought these claims and insights to light.

Their insights have been shared during the source’s interview with OK.

They started by saying that “Kate and Charles are very similar in a lot of ways: Both love what the monarchy stands for, feel a deep duty to Britain and the Commonwealth, and share the late Queen Elizabeth II’s belief that royals should 'never complain, never explain’.”

However, “they're very different when it comes to how they think the monarchy should operate in 2023.”

The insider also went on to note that “Kate thinks it’s important for their family dynamic that George isn’t given special treatment,” but is still open to the idea of him having official roles.

This insight comes considering King Charles “has made his feelings known about George.”

“And while Kate is open to giving George more roles, her stance is only if she signs off on it,” at the moment.

“To her, the king's word is not final when it comes to her children. She’s been very clear about that. And if that starts a rift or even a full-out war, then so be it.”

Regardless, King Charles on the other hand is “far more traditional and is not interested in changing with the times on this subject.”

“He thinks George should go to boarding school like he, his siblings and his sons did.”