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Prince William, Kate Middleton tasked to build ‘emotional connection’ monarchy

Prince William and Kate Middleton will have to face big burden of keeping the royal family relevant

By Web Desk
May 25, 2023
Prince William, Kate Middleton tasked to build ‘emotional connection’ monarchy
Prince William, Kate Middleton tasked to build ‘emotional connection’ monarchy 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are seemingly the only working members of the royal family who are not in their old age, hence giving them a big responsibility to connect to younger people.

PR and reputation management expert Eric Schiffer highlighted the Prince and Princess of Wales are young enough to be relatable to the young crowd, making sure they are keeping the royal family relevant.

Royal watchers noted that portrait from the Coronation of King Charles depicted how only four members of the working Royal Family are under 70.

Commenting on claims that the Firm is giving an image that’s too old for young people, Schiffer told, “No, because you have William and he is still within that age gap where he can relate to Gen Z and Millennials. And they’re pivoting towards that.”

He continued, “I anticipate that there’ll be an even greater focus by William and Kate to build a greater emotional connection [to younger generations]. Yes, there’s a big burden, but they are also capable people and William benefits from a lot of popularity in Britain.”

Schiffer also explained that William “just needs to make sure that it translates to the future generations of Britain and the world and that will come by focusing on issues that matter to young people.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been active in promoting causes related to mental health over the past decade, which is an important issue relating to the younger generation.

Moreover, the Waleses are very involved parents, with Kate personally picking and dropping her children to school. According to the expert, this quality makes them “very relatable.”

“They are in a great position to keep the monarchy extremely relevant,” surmised Schiffer.