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Listen to this fake Joe Rogan podcast, created entirely by AI

Joe Rogan has raised concerns about artificial intelligence following release of fabricated episodes of his popular podcast

By Web Desk
April 14, 2023

Joe Rogan, a controversial podcaster, has raised concerns about artificial intelligence following the release of a fabricated but incredibly convincing episode of his popular podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience," which was published online.

The episode, created with the assistance of an AI chatbot called ChatGPT, features a conversation between Rogan and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, with a disclaimer stating that the "views and opinions expressed in the podcast do not represent [their actual] thoughts."

“Let me tell you folks, this is some next-level stuff we've got going on here today,” the AI-generated Joe Rogan says. “Every single word of this podcast has been generated with the help of ChatGPT...I am not the real Joe Rogan… this is purely fiction.”

Joe Rogan and Donald Trump podcast

The channel also produced a very convincing fake conversation between Joe Rogan and Donald Trump.

The 32-minute-long fake interview features the two controversial figures and begins with a disclaimer that all the words were generated by AI through ChatGPT. Despite not being their actual voices, the content of the conversation accurately reflects their typical turns of phrase and topics of discussion.

The episode began with Rogan asking: “How are you doing, Mr President?”

Trump replied: “Joe, it’s great to be here. I’m doing fantastic. Just fantastic. The energy in this room is tremendous.”

After discussing UFC, a sport that Rogan is heavily involved in, the AI-generated conversation transitioned to Donald Trump's ban from Twitter. 

"Twitter was a great platform, the best to connect with all my tremendous supporters and get my message out to the masses, the biggest masses you've ever seen. But since being banned, I had to find alternative ways to communicate, and let me tell you it's been a real eye-opener, believe me," the fake Trump said.

In another part of the podcast, Trump talked about his future aspirations while Rogan questioned him about the specifics of his plans to "make America great again." "Well, Joe, when it comes to specifics, nobody knows more about specifics than me. I mean, we're talking about the best, the absolute best," Trump replied.