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Mahira Khan terms Zaman Park operation 'insanity'

"How the hell is this justified?" Mahira Khan asks

By Web Desk
March 18, 2023
Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan. — Facebook/Mahira.Khan.Actress/File
Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan. — Facebook/Mahira.Khan.Actress/File

Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan has expressed dissatisfaction at the way things were handled during a police operation at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's Zaman Park residence in Lahore.

As the party's chief made his way to Islamabad for a hearing at a trial court, the Punjab Police initiated an operation, raided Khan's residence, and recovered several weapons from the site.

The party claims that the operation was against court orders and unjustified, but the police have maintained that they had a valid warrant to search the place for investigation.

Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah shared a video showing how the police made their way into the PTI chief's residence using heavy machinery.

Quote tweeting the tweet, the Bin Roye actor said: "How the hell is this justified?"

"This is insanity," she added.

The police ended the operation in a few hours and claimed to have recovered assault rifles and a cache of bullets from the Zaman Park mansion. They also said that over 60 party cohorts accused of resorting to hostilities to obstruct the law have been detained.

The Zaman Park has been under the microscope recently as the police first reached there on March 14 to arrest the PTI chief in the Toshakhana case, and their battle with the PTI workers went on for nearly 24 hours before they finally pulled back due to the Pakistan Super League and Lahore High Court orders.

And today, they were back there to arrest the "miscreants" who were involved in obstructing the law during the March 14 operation.