Lawrence College’s 150 years celebrated

February 22, 2010

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Politicians, generals and businessmen gathered under one roof at Islamabad Club here Saturday night as old Gallians to mark the 150th anniversary of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree.

Old Gallians, the ex-students of Lawrence College, though hold such ceremonies from time to time in various parts of the world but this time, the specialty was the College completing one and a half centuries of its existence, which attracted around 200 old Gallians in Islamabad. The ceremony was a reflection of quality students that one of the oldest and renowned institutions of the country has been producing since its establishment in 1860.

It was quite fascinating when Shahid Khakan Abbasi of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Sardar Attique-ur-Rehman Abbasi of Pakistan People’s Party shared their memories with the Gallians. Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali and Aftab Sherpao were also expected but could not manage to attend the dinner, hosted by Lt Commander (r) Naeem Sarfraz.

It is worth mentioning here that Lawrence College is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas at a height of about 6,397 feet above sea level and spreads over 100 acres of land. It has an exquisitely beautiful setting - a world in itself - in the vicinity of Murree town and was founded by Sir Henry Lawrence in 1860. The then Lawrence School, one of the oldest residential institutions of the subcontinent, well known the world over, went on expanding with the passage of time.

In Saturday’s reunion, the notable Gallians included Lt Gen (r) Hamid Rab Nawaz, Managing Director Fauji Foundation; Lt Gen Sajjad Akram, Deputy Chairman Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (Erra); Lt Gen Sardar Mehmood Ali Khan; Major Gen (r) Awais Mushtaq Qureshi, Member Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC); General (r) Syed Muhammad Amjad; Lt Gen (r) Inayatullah Niazi; Admiral (r) Zahir Shah; Lt Commander (r) Naeem Sarfraz; Qazi Rahat Javed; Muhammad Ali Qazi; Raja Shafique Sarwar; Raja Ayaz Sarwar; Raja Khurram; Jan Bugti; Head Master Lawrence College Arjasab Khan Zafar and hundreds of Gallians from various walks of life.

Sardar Azam Afandi of Swat while talking to the audience underlined the grand ceremony of the College completing 150 years that would be held in Ghora Gali later this year in September in which Gallians from all over the world are invited to the College for a three-day stay where there would be a bunch of activities apart from recalling the sweet memories of the time spent at the institution.

The coordinator, Muhammad Ali Qazi, gathered a bundle of applause from the Gallians for his efforts to facilitate the reunions.

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