Law suit filed to seek share in inheritance

February 23,2019

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PESHAWAR: The legal heirs of Bakht Jan, a sister of late Muslim Leaguer Ghulam Muhammad Khan Lundkhwar has filed a suit for seeking her share in inheritance.

Kamal Farid, a civil judge in Takht Bhai tehsil of Mardan district, issued notices to legal heirs of the late Ghulam Muhammad Khan Lundkhwar in the case.

They were directed to submit reply before March 22 and explain as to why the woman’s legal heirs were deprived of her right to inheritance.

Lawyer Zeeshan Munir Paracha appeared for the legal heirs of Bakht Jan in the suit.

The plaintiffs have claimed their right to one-third of the land in Takht Bhai and Katlang in Mardan district.

“The land is situated in Hathian, Shah Batkhel, Lundkhwar, Khan Kallay and Shero, Qasami area in Katlang,” the legal heirs claimed in the suit.

The lawyer submitted that Bakht Jan was not given the required share in the inheritance of her father, late Khadi Khan.

It merits a mention here that the case was filed in response to a suit filed by Israr Mohammad Khan, son of late Ghulam Mohammad Khan Lundkhwar, who claimed right to 35 jareb of land in Shero village possessed by legal heirs of Bakht Jan.

It said the land was gifted by Ghulam Mohammad Khan Lundkhwar to his sister a long time

ago and was being cultivated by legal heirs of Bakht Jan.

On getting the knowledge of this partition suit, it said the plaintiffs asked the defendants to accept their right to one-third share in the land but they kept delaying it by making one excuse or the other.

It was pointed out that ultimately a few months ago they refused to acknowledge the share of

the plaintiffs and declined to sign the legal documents.

The legal heirs of Bakht Jan include her son, retired Lt Col Muhammad Pervez, who is Principal, Police Public School, Peshawar and a daughter late Mrs Yaqub Khan.

Her other legal heirs are the sons and daughters of her deceased three sons namely Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Professor Muhammad Kamal Khan, Muhammad Qasim Khan, and the son of her late daughter Mrs Latifullah Khan.


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