Khassadars want merger with KP police

January 22,2019

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PESHAWAR: The Khassadars from the tribal districts on Monday urged the government to merge their services with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.

Speaking at a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, All Fata Khassadar Force president Syed Jalal Wazir and others threatened to stage a sit-in in Islamabad if their demands were not accepted.

He recalled that the Khassadar force had 100 years services in the former tribal areas and had supported the merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but their future was now uncertain.

Jalal Wazir alleged that various officials of the force were forcibly removed from service that had created unrest and disappointment among the Khassadars.

He said Khassadars rendered sacrifices in the fight against terrorism but instead of providing them facilities, they were removed from service.

He asked the prime minister to honour his commitment and merge Khassadar force into KP police.

Jalal Wazir said the government should first merge Khassadar force into KP police and then appoint the local people. He asked the government to release forthwith the salaries of the Khassadars.


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