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July 27,2018

Parties not ready to accept RMS fault of ECP

Afzal Butt

ISLAMABAD: The Result Management System (RMS) had made the results of general elections of 2013 controversial and now this time too the same system caused delay in result announcement and questions are being raised on it.

The political parties are not ready to accept fault in result management system and it is felt that the history will repeat itself. The IT experts said that crisis created at the election night due to delay in results could have been avoided if ECP had fixed data sharing formula between RMS and RTI system. According to the details no political party formally registered any complaint of rigging on the polling day on July 25, but electoral results were suddenly stopped after 11:00pm and then one after another political parties started raising objections. They rejected election results after levelling different allegations. Now all parties conference has been summoned to chalk out joint strategy in this regard.

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