Japanese national appeals to Pakistani authorities against alleged fraud

March 16,2018

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PESHAWAR: A Japanese national has accused a Pakistani citizen of depriving him of millions of rupees.

He appealed to the chief justice of the Supreme Court, chief minister and inspector general of police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to help him in recovering the amount.

Addressing a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday, Noboru Miyama said that a person from Peshawar named Manzoor Ahmad who was his employee in Japan had deprived him of about Rs22 million.

He said that Manzoor Ahmad was working in his company for two years in Japan and on his request his children from Peshawar were facilitated to move to Japan and settle there on the expenses of the company.

“After passage of two years with the company, Manzoor Ahmad told me about one of his friends who was running his business in Dubai and wanted spare-parts from my company. Our company dispatched seven containers with spare-parts to Dubai,” Noboru Miyama explained.

“I, being owner of the company, trusted him (Manzoor) and also sent him with the containers to Dubai to collect the amount and deposit it in the company’s name,” he recalled. He alleged that after receiving the amount Manzoor Ahmad came to Peshawar.

He said that he talked to Manzoor Ahmad’s father in Peshawar from Japan through cellular phone and sought return of the money. “His father assured that the money would be returned to the company, but he has yet to fulfil the promise. The audio recording of our conversation is available,” he added.

Aziz-ur-Rahman, another employee at Noboro Miyama’s company in Japan, also spoke at the press conference and confirmed the facts of the case. “The owner of the company Noboru Miyama sent me to Peshawar to collect money from Manzoor Ahmad, but he wasn’t present in the city while his father assured me that the amount would be returned,” he explained. “As I couldn’t get back the money, I requested Noboru Miyama to come to Peshawar so that the case could be pursued,” he added.

Noboru Miyama said Manzoor Ahmad was now in Japan and running his own business but he could not be arrested there because he committed the crime in Dubai. “My blunder was to trust him as I sent him for collection of the amount without an agreement that is required in Japan,” he regretted.

Bacha Khan, who has been living in Japan for 35 years and accompanied Noboru Miyama to Peshawar on behalf of the Pakistan embassy in Tokyo to help him, expressed his concern over the fraud by the Pakistani national and said it would bring a bad name to the country if the money was not recovered from Manzoor Ahmad.


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