WSSP cleanliness operation wins praise

By Bureau report
June 24, 2024
Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar worker cleaning the street in Peshawar on June 22, 2024. — Facebook/Commissioner Peshawar Division, Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) ensured a clean and hygienic environment during the recent Eidul Azha festivities which won praise from citizens.


Through the collaborative efforts of the provincial government, Peshawar administration, and WSSP management, the city witnessed cleanliness operations.Over the three-day Eid period, WSSP undertook the task, led by Commissioner Peshawar Division and CEO of WSSP Riaz Khan Mahsud.

The operation involved efforts by 2,559 workers, including 900 water supply personnel who worked on holidays.A total of 11,000 tons of animal waste was collected from across Peshawar, facilitated by a fleet of 679 vehicles, including 335 additional vehicles procured to supplement the existing infrastructure.

The officials said the key to the operation’s success was the resolve of Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur, who addressed longstanding issues concerning WSSP, ensuring timely payments, funding for operational necessities, and support for the workforce. The employees dedicated themselves to maintaining cleanliness

In preparation for Eid, a comprehensive public awareness campaign was launched, engaging community leaders, scholars, and elected representatives to educate citizens about waste disposal practices.

This initiative included information sessions at every neighborhood council level, distribution of pamphlets during Friday prayers and Eid sermons, and installation of awareness banners at various locations across the city.

Citizens were also provided with large-sized waste disposal bags before Eid to facilitate safe waste management.Peshawarites expressed pleasure at the performance of WSSP. “It was for the first time that Peshawar was neat and clean within hours by the WSSP,” said Irfan Khan, a resident of Gulbahar town in Peshawar.

He noted that it was surprising that the CEO Riaz Khan Mahsud himself was observing the operation in the field and our issues were addressed within an hour. “We are proud of the collaborative efforts and dedication displayed by our team and the support extended by the provincial government and community leaders,” remarked Riaz Khan Mahsud.

The operation saw the deployment of specialized machinery for waste collection from narrow alleyways, efficient transfer to temporary stations, and proper disposal in designated dumping sites.Management officials remained vigilant in all five operational zones, ensuring meticulous oversight and immediate response to community concerns.The success of this initiative won praise from residents across the Peshawar Division, underscoring Riaz Khan Mahsud’s pursuit of excellence in sanitation services.