Govt urged to restore peace in Tirah valley

By Our Correspondent
June 22, 2024
All Qabail Loya Jirgachairman Muhammad Hussain Afridi addressing a protest rally in Bara Chowk, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on June 3, 2024.— Facebook/Tirah Maidan

BARA: Members of the All Qabail Loya Jirga have called on the government to restore peace and harmony in the Tirah valley of the Khyber tribal district immediately.


Addressing the gathering in the Maidan area of Tirah valley, Jirga chairman Muhammad Hussain Afridi, Malik Naseer Ahmad Kukikhel, Malik Najeeb Orakzai, and others criticised the government for what they termed as a self-imposed war in the tribal districts, particularly in Tirah valley. They asserted that the conflict was not aimed at combating terrorism.

It is the responsibility of the state to restore peace, not create unrest, they stated, accusing law enforcement agencies of failing to re-establish peace in the tribal districts, especially in Tirah.

The speakers highlighted the significant sacrifices made by the tribal people throughout the prolonged period of militancy. They alleged that the government was attempting to seize control of the tribal people’s natural resources, including mines and forests.

“A foreign agenda has been forced upon us, and the harsh system of Fata integration was imposed on us,” said Malik Muhammad Hussain, adding that the tribal people were now suffering from issues such as taxes and a deteriorating law and order situation as a result.

He said that only 40 percent of the displaced Kukikhel people had returned to their homes, while the remaining 60 percent were still living in other areas.He also demanded that the security forces vacate the Jamia Masjid located in the Bagh Markaz and open it to the local people for worship.