Govt asked to take back tax on mines and minerals

By Our Correspondent
June 12, 2024
Mines and Minerals Owners Association of Khyber district president Asghar Khan Afridi (C)Speaks during a press conference on June 11, 2024. — Facebook/Munir Khan Afridi/ Reporter The News

BARA: The office-bearers of the Mines and Minerals Owners Association of Khyber district have rejected the royalty tax on mines and minerals, asking the provincial government to take back the levy.


Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday, president of the association Asghar Khan Afridi, general secretary Seemab Afridi, and finance secretary Umar Khetan said the KP government had imposed heavy taxes on coal and mineral mines.

They claimed that tax on mines and minerals had been imposed only in KP, while no such levy was there in other provinces.

“There is better environment and facilities for the business people in

Punjab, therefore business and trade are flourishing day by day there while

the business community of KP is being forced to

leave the province due to these cruel policies,” said Asghar Afridi rejecting all kinds of taxes in merged districts.

He feared the tax would affect thousands of labourers working in tribal districts.

Asghar Afridi pointed out that the government had failed to provide explosives to the mine owners in the Khyber district and other areas, causing numerous operational issues.

The association president said many contractors had halted work on hundreds of coalmines due to the lack of explosives.

He demanded the chief minister and all other relevant authorities to review the decision and abolish the tax.