YouTube Music updates song navigation feature for iPhone users

YouTube Music has introduced swipe controls for iOS devices, allowing users to switch between songs

By Web Desk
June 09, 2024
YouTube Music on iOS adds swipe gesture for next/previous song. — Pixabay/File

YouTube Music has introduced a new swipe song navigation feature for iOS users, making album selection easier.

The feature was already available for Android users and has only now been updated for iPhone users, News Bytes reported.


Prior to this update, Apple users had to tap controls at the bottom of the page to navigate through their music, which felt tedious and clunky compared to the easy swiping gesture.

Now they can seamlessly switch left and right between songs within the album in the "Now Playing" screen.

The swiping offers a more natural and fluid way to control playback, making the overall experience more user-friendly for iPhone users.

This functionality replicates the experience of the YouTube Music mobile app, which already tracks playback progress andqueues.

The new feature is accessible on version 7.04 of YouTube Music for iOS.

In addition, YouTube also recently rolled out the much-awaited "Quality of Life Improvement" which helps eliminate song selection time by remembering the user's last played song and queue.

Moreover, YouTube Music in recent times had also introduced the “Hum to Search” feature, which it since then has withdrawn.

The reason for it has not been disclosed yet.