Bajaur resident complains of land grab

By Our Correspondent
October 02, 2023

KHAR: A resident of the Bajaur tribal district on Sunday alleged that people of his tribe had forcibly expelled him and grabbed his ancestral land in the village.


Speaking at a press conference, Muhammad Jan Turkhan, a resident of Nakhtar Mamond in Bajaur, said that the people of his tribe distributed his ancestral land among them after allegedly grabbing it and were now now demanding from him to sign the stamp paper that the land did not belong to him.

Flanked by his children, the complainant said that his family had been residing in the said village for the last 150 years and the said land had not been given to his forefathers by the tribe speople.

He said that the tribes people had joined hands to grab his land by hook or by crook and barred him from visiting his fields.Muhammad Jan Turkhan appealed to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor, chief minister and district administration to help him in reclaiming his land from the alleged grabbers and allow him to resettle in the said ancestral village or else he along with his children would commit self-immolation.