Crime surge in Kohat Road areas raises concerns

By Bureau report
September 23, 2023

PESHAWAR: There has been a surge in incidents of snatching, lifting, and theft in areas close to the Kohat Road-Ring Road bridge, with many people becoming victims over the past few days.Numerous complaints have been registered by locals reporting armed robberies at gunpoint.


Shah Faisal, chairman of the neighborhood council Garhi Qamardin, expressed concern over the situation, stating, “Many people have been robbed of cash, cell phones, and motorcycles by armed men on both sides of the Ring Road in recent days. Most of these incidents occurred in broad daylight, while some took place after sunset.”

Faisal also highlighted the presence of a significant number of drug addicts in the areas surrounding Ring Road, and Kohat Road, many of whom are believed to be involved in these criminal activities. The jurisdiction of Ring Road is divided between Rahman Baba and Bhanamari police stations.

One affected resident, Farhan Khan, shared his experience: “I parked my brand new motorbike outside a medicine shop in Garhi Qamardin. Within a couple of minutes, the motorbike and a battery were stolen in broad daylight. Such incidents were unheard of in our area in the past.”