Kate Middleton, Prince William keeping kids over 'royal tours'

Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking time out for their kids

By Web Desk
June 08, 2023

Kate Middleton and Prince William are putting their children over public life.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, who are parents to Princess George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are spending are keen on spending the summers by indulging in family time.

But royal expert Jennie Bond notes that William and Kate have ambitious plans to respect their kids' school schedule and want their best interests at heart.

She told OK!: "William and Catherine are really the stars of the Royal Family these days. They have youth on their side and a good dusting of glamour surrounds them.

"They are also extremely popular both here and abroad. So there is no doubt that the foreign office will be calling on them to carry out some high-profile royal tours.

"But I think the days of lengthy tours, leaving the children to be looked after by nannies, are over. Largely, I think the school holidays will be respected, and future tours will be short and extremely busy."

Meanwhile, the King is adamant on making his mark in the world with long tours.

A royal source told The Mirror that he was keen to "hit the ground running in these crucial first few months and years of his reign".

They added: "He certainly wants to carry on the long-held mantra from his late mother of being seen to be believed, and is very keen to get out and meet as many people as possible."