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70 die from substandard medicine

- January 25, 2012 - Updated 152 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: At least 70 patients of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) have died after consuming substandard medicine.


Those killed include patients who were receiving treatment at the PIC or had taken medicine distributed by the institute.


Meanwhile the three owners of the pharmaceutical companies who make the medicine have been handed over to the FIA on a three day remand.


On the orders of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik the FIA took action and registered cases against the three pharmaceutical companies.

Reader Comments
keeping in view above all comments,inevitably P.Govt.should resign immedatly

M Kamaal
Those responsible must immediately be punished after the trial, Punjab and Central government must make sure, any medicines that sold in the drug store must be approved by the government health agency before coming in the open market. Public health and safety should always be a top priority by the government.

Taj Ahmad
in any civilised country the minister wouldve resigned. in this case Shahbaz Sharif should resign! i live outside Pakistan and now want to pull my parents out of Pakistan.

Saad Iqbal
Like any other issue engulfing our country, it is essential that procedural rules are followed rather than knee jerk reactions. Arresting individuals & then releasing them later is not a sane policy. Proper investigations should be carried out to fix responsibility. I would recommend a judicial commission as it entails serious adverse mortality.For a long time now, placing drug purchase orders for public hospitals has been a lucrative business amongst the bureaucrats/politicians alike as well

Concerned Pakistani
may be nothing will happen to them after muk mukka

United Kingdom
Public hanging of the gulity will serve justice to the dead victims.. Barbarism in democratic Pakistan.

Faiz Khalil
The buck should stop with the Minister Of Health - in this case Shahbaz Sharif who thinks he is superman with so many ministries, but not enough competent PMLN politicians.

Shaffiq Mahmood
United Kingdom
Exemplary punishment should be given to all the culprits involved in manufacturing and approving such substandard medicines. The products of other such companies should also be checked by health authorities. In our country people are killed as rats, dogs ans respect for human life

Truth seeker
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