Sunday February 05, 2023
Ishrat Husain
Ishrat Husain

  • February 03, 2023

    Recalibrating governance - Part III

    A major departure has to be made in the deployment of civil servants. Instead of senior, qualified and courteous officers being assigned to...

  • January 27, 2023

    Recalibrating governance - Part II

    The frequent takeovers by military regimes and the consequential screening of hundreds of civil servants led to the subservience of the civil...

  • January 20, 2023

    Recalibrating governance: Part - I

    An economy is driven by the contributions and interactions of state, society and markets. Before we take up the agenda for recalibrating governance...

  • January 13, 2023

    Fixing the taxation system - Part IV

    Among many compelling reasons for further devolution to the third tier is that citizens in a local jurisdiction are found to pay more taxes as they...

  • January 06, 2023

    Fixing the taxation system - Part III

    One of the pernicious side-effects of a large dose of the federal divisible tax pool injected into the provincial finances is that the provinces...

  • December 30, 2022

    Fixing the taxation system - Part II

    Studies on sectoral incidence show that industry bears more than two-thirds of the tax, while the services sector bears about 21 per cent and...

  • December 23, 2022

    Fixing the taxation system - Part I

    Very few people outside the economics profession realize that fiscal and current accounts are closely interlinked.A current account is an...

  • December 09, 2022

    The future of our economy - Part III

    Coming to the third structural reform: investment rates have lingered around 15 per cent of GDP in the last decade thus constraining the rate of...

  • December 02, 2022

    The future of our economy - Part II

    The short-term measures described in Part I will not have the desired effects unless the emphasis is shifted in our school system towards Science,...

  • November 25, 2022

    The future of our economy - Part I

    The future of any economy is closely linked with its present and the past. Pakistan’s economic past has gone through different phases with...