Wednesday September 28, 2022

Shopkeeper gunned down by robbers, one killed in encounter

By Our crime correspondent
August 17, 2022

Islamabad : A young shopkeeper has shot dead by gangsters on resistance during looting the tuck shop a patrol pump falling in the jurisdiction of Sihala police station, police said Tuesday.

One, Usman Aslam lodged a complaint with the Sihala police station, saying that he was present at the tuck shop along with his younger brother, Irfan Aslam who sitting on the cash counter when two gunmen equipped with guns, entered the shop and asked them to put their hands up after taking them on the gun point. He said that his brother Ifran tried to overpower a gunman, when one of the robbers started collecting cash from the cash counter, during the scuffle, both gunmen opened firing aiming at his brother and ran away with cash.

A robber has gunned down, the other wounded critically during encounter with the police at Tepu Sultan Road, Sector I-8 Monday, police said.

The Industrial Area police station received information from Rescue-15 that a three-member gang of armed muggers have ran away on a bike after committing robbery. A police party deployed at a police picket on Tepu Sultan Road chased them and got one of them but reacted and opened firing at police, however, the other gang member later identified as Mohammad Sharif hailing from Lahore and his aide starting firing to free gangster Imran but Sharif and Imran sustained a bullets and injured seriously, Sharif killed on the spot and Imran was shifted to hospital in police custody while their third aide manage to escape.