Saturday September 23, 2023

Readjustment of police stations plan kicked off

August 06, 2022

Islamabad : In the perspective of increasing population and spreading criminal activities in the federal capital, the government, enlarging the responsibilities of the operational police, has allowed establishing three police stations to battle against the growing incidents of street crimes.

‘The News’ has already published the restructuring and readjustment of jurisdiction plan, submitted to the Interior Minister for final approval, of the police stations of the federal capital on 6th July 2022.

The Chief Commissioner, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has issued a notification to merge two (02) and establishment of three (03) new police stations in the ICT – Sangjani, Kirpa, and Phulgran.

Sangjani Police Station is encompassed Mohallah Malkan, Purana Tarnol, Johad Road, Dhoke Ramzania, Dhoke Katrian, Saray Kharboza, Dhoke Abbasi, Dhoke Kashmirian, Dhoke Mughlan, Mohallah Usmania, Madrasa Road Da ur Aloom Zakriya, Saray Madhoo, Dhoke Taman, Dhoke Pehlwan, Dhoke Rajgan, Dhoke Sulman, Sungjani, Dhoke Jori Garbi.

G-13/1-2, G-14, F-13, F-14, Dhoke Labana, Jori Sharqi, Chongi No. 26, Dhoke Sawayan, Johad, Golra Station have also be placed under the supervision of Sangjani police station.

Kirpa Police Station will be comprised of Kirpa, Darwala Darwala, Gulberg Residencia, Bengial, Sigga, Pindori Syedian, Bagh Jogian, Ghalimoso Khan, Ghora Mast, Baian Syedian, Dhoke Plam, Dhoke Jandi, Bhimbhar Tarar, Ladhiot Syedian, Pind Malkan, Jhan Syedian, Ali Pur Farash, Chontra, Eden Life, Japan Road Dam, Arslan Town, Thanda Pani, Mehboob Chowk, Jinnah Garden, Capital Enclave, Naval Anchorage, National Assembly/Senate Housing Society, OPF Society, Down Town, Gulberg Residencia, Kashmir Society, Gagri, Jandala, Masalchina, Har Do Gair, Bhunder, Sihala Khurd, Gala Stop, Bhukkar, Haran Mera, Darwala, Hussain Abad, Ratti Kassi, Pahag, Bangail, Darzian, Pind Dian, Dhoke Baba Bahoo, Lohi Bher, Chucha Sheikhan, Gandian, Madina Town, Baba Hast, Kashmirian, Rasala, Sher Dhamyal, Rajgan, Ladhiot, Mera Dadu, Peeja, Khatreel, Thanda Pani, Lehtrar Road, Dream Land Society, Royal Society, Green Residence Society, Go Petrol Pump, Eden Life Society, and Blessing Marriage Hall.

Phulgran Police Station would supervise Atthal, Bobri, Phulgran, Chattar, Sakreela, Mera Begwal, Shahpur and PTV Colony.

Elaborating change in the jurisdictions of the existing police stations, the notification said that the areas of Golra and Ramna Police Station have been readjusted as areas of G-12 (Mera Abadi, Mera Jaffar, and Mera Aku have been merged with Golra Police Station from Ramna Police Station.

While Shalimar and Golra Police Stations have been readjusted, the area of Sector E-11, presently falling under the jurisdiction of Golra Police Station, have merged with Shalimar Police Station.

Most of the housing societies have been given under the supervision of the Kirpa police station, giving the reason that the housing societies have different complaints and offenses to commit, the people engaged in mapping such bifurcation and area adjustment, when contacted said, “The dealing with people of the housing societies as well as unlawful activities, are different from the other residential and commercial areas. One can term it as a specialised policing and it could be dealt by the specially trained police officials, having enough knowledge about cooperative and housing society’s rules and regulations,” adding that the police bosses would decide carefully about the appointment of the station house officer (SHO) of such sensitive positions.

“The jurisdiction of almost every police station has been reviewed to readjust their areas keeping in view of population and growth of criminal activities,” the sources defined, adding that the jurisdiction of every police station will be redesigned according to the extremely limited resources of the Islamabad Police.