Tuesday October 03, 2023

JI accuses PDM, PTI of horse-trading

By Our Correspondent
July 24, 2022

LAHORE : Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Sirajul Haq has criticised the PDM and PTI leaderships for pushing the national politics into closed alley due to their lust for power and horse-trading for grabbing the power.

The mainstream parties are directly responsible to economic and other crises and they must seek public apology on their behavior before the situation become irreparable, he said in a statement from Mansoorah on Saturday.

He said that the political parties happily came into power with the backing of the establishment and then complain of its interference. He said the practices to steal the public mandate and to impose governments on the basis of liking and disliking backfired every time, and it was time the people must be given free and fair choice to elect their leadership. He said only Islamic system could save Pakistan now and appealed the masses to reject the tested parties and chose Jamaat-e-Islami to bring real change.

Sirajul Haq said the powerful people broke the law and felt unanswerable to anyone. The corruption was rampant in the absence of any accountability system in Pakistan, he said. It seemed the courts were not feeling it necessary to ask to hold those accountable who looted billions of rupees and stashed their wealth in foreign accounts and shell companies, he said, adding the judiciary’s inaction over Panama Leaks and Pandora Papers were the examples of it. He said the economy was on the verge of collapse due to ill-conceived policies of the incumbent and past governments. The IMF, he said, had virtually taken control of the national economy. He said the decisions about Pakistan were being taken in the closed rooms of Washington.

He said the assemblies turned into horse-trading centers where loyalties of the elected representatives were being purchased with different tactics. How those politicians who involved in the purchasing and selling of the elected representatives could lead the masses, he questioned. The ruling parties exposed once again and they had been creating embarrassment for Pakistan in all over the world, he said.

On one side, he said, masses were starving to death due to inflation and poverty while on the other side rulers were constantly fighting for protection of self-interest. He said the feudal lords and corrupt imperialists won the election with the power of their wealth. This drama must end now, he said, adding the country and public could no longer afford the dirty practices.