Sunday May 29, 2022

Imran won’t be able to put us under pressure: CM

By Our Correspondent
May 15, 2022

LAHORE : Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has said that Imran Niazi has a misconception that he will be able to put pressure on us - we either take the pressure of Allah's orders or take the pressure of the people.

“Imran Niazi does not abide by the constitution, does not abide by court decisions, mocks the institutions, I warn that Imran Niazi there is regular evidence against you, when the law comes into action, there will be no place to hide and the jail room will teach you a lesson of respecting the law,” he maintained. He said PMLN would not take revenge like him. He was talking to media after his court appearance here on Saturday.

Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said that Imran Niazi has made false cases against Sharif family and PMLN leaders. In response to a question, Hamza said that they were trying to control the load shedding completely. “This is the jinni of the load shedding that we has bottled up,” he said adding the results of four years of incompetence of Imran Khan’s government were coming to the fore.

Hamza Shahbaz claimed that they will work day and night and in sha Allah they will end load shedding and inflation because they have come only with the intention of serving the people. “I would like to inform the people of Punjab today that the administration held talks with PTI for three hours at night because the Christian community has concerns that the place where the PTI intended to hold a jalsa is a private place,” he claimed and said the government will allow PTI to hold their jalsa at some other place.

Chief Minister said he was a democrat, he and his party leadership have experienced the hardships of jails. The government will not allow Imran Niazi to play with the constitution and law and will not be allowed to play with the law. Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz said that Pakistan was at a crossroads today. Millions of people have made sacrifices for the country and the economy was under pressure and all this was due to the incompetence of Imran Niazi. Imran’s rudeness and immorality has created chaos in the nation. In the current situation, all political parties will have to show responsibility, he maintained. The Chief Minister said that good decisions were being made for the country and the nation in London.

Later while chairing a meeting, Hamza Shahbaz said the former government has left the clean Punjab in a bad condition. He said waste management companies should show their performances by delivering. Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has sought a deadline from the commissioners for sustainable cleaning of cities, towns and villages.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz said PMLN government would clean up the province once again. "I can't stand my fellow citizens living in a dirty environment," he announced. Giving our fellow citizens a clean environment was our basic duty, he said adding officers themselves go out in the field and visit to assess public issues and sanitation situation. Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz said that foolproof mechanism should be formulated for permanent sanitation in the province. Make full use of staff and existing resources, he directed and said that good news should come from everywhere regarding cleanliness. Cleaning should be maintained on a regular basis and the available resources should be utilized to ensure the continuous cleaning process. He said that cleaning of streets, bazaars and places was possible only through good governance. I will personally review the measures regarding price control and sanitation by visiting the districts. Sardar Owais Leghari, Manshaullah Butt, Zeeshan Rafiq, Samiullah Chaudhry, Rana Sikandar and Col (retd) Mubashir Javed presented suggestions and recommendations.