Tuesday May 24, 2022

BRT ridership rises to 222,000 commuters daily

By Bureau report
December 08, 2021

PESHAWAR: The TransPeshawar on Tuesday said the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) ridership had reached 222,000 commuters daily.

TransPeshawar spokesperson Umair Khan said the BRT reached a record daily ridership of 222,000 commuters and the system was capable of catering to more commuters. He said that after the controlled situation of Covid-19 and resumption of life to its normal state, ridership of BRT had increased.

“On average, the system is serving more than 200,000 commuters daily,” he said. He claimed that after the previous wave of Covid-19 more than a 100 percent increase in ridership was recorded.

The success of BRT was self-evident by the number of people enjoying the international level public transport service, he added. He said the international recognition of BRT negated propaganda against the BRT.

The performance of the system manifested the untiring and dedicated efforts of the staff, he said. Umair Khan said BRT buses, routes, the number of the ridership of each route followed by other important arrangements were being closely monitored by the company. He said headway between the buses had reduced during the peak hours to accommodate a maximum number of people. He added more buses and routes would be commenced in the near future.