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True democracy cannot prevail sans justice: PM

October 21, 2021
True democracy cannot prevail sans justice: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that as long as he is alive, he will continue to fight for justice and rule of law and without a strong campaign to uphold the law, true democracy and prosperity cannot come to the country.

The prime minister said this while addressing the concluding session of the National Rehmatul lil Alameen (PBUH) Conference here Tuesday. He emphasised that the state of Madina gave justice to the people and fulfilled their basic needs, it was founded on high moral standards and rule of law. “Our struggle is also for the rule of law and we are trying hard to turn Pakistan into a welfare state.”

Premier Imran said that the nation destroyed by the atomic bombs have risen again and remarked, “You cannot destroy morality by bombing, the nation is not poor without resources, it is poor without law and justice, if you have moral standards, then democracy can succeed.” Referring to England, he said that an influential local person was sent to jail for telling a lie but during the trial of the Panama case, each day, a new lie was told to bail out the accused.

First, it was the Qatari letter and then Calibri font that was launched by the company in 2007 was ‘backdated’ to 2006 to help an accused. He said that there was a great difference between the judicial system of England and Pakistan and added without moral authority, justice could not be done. “Here everyone knows that money is blatantly used during the Senate elections,” he noted. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that merit was predominant in the state of Madina, people used to hold high positions on merit because the supremacy of law alone can bring intellectual revolution in the society.

In his remarks, the prime minister said, “I am especially thankful to Allah that we are celebrating the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with full religious devotion and reverence.” The prime minister also emphasized that Islam was not spread by the sword but by an intellectual revolution and change of mind. He contended that the history had shown that as long as the Muslims adhered to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), success was their destiny and those who deviated were doomed, hus the state of Madina became a model. Imran noted that the first principle of the state of Madina was high moral standards. Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) guided about the difference between good and bad deeds. He said that the concept of welfare state is also one of the important pillars of the state of Madina. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) laid the foundation of the first welfare state in the world and the state gave basic rights to the downtrodden.

The prime minister said that there are nine million Pakistanis abroad and only if 30 to 40 thousand Pakistanis come and invest here, the IMF aid will not be required.”

Imran Khan said while in power for three years he was amazed at how many blessings Allah has bestowed on Pakistan but we have to fix our path and that has been his and the PTI’s endeavour for the last 25 years. He said that the purpose of Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Authority is to inform the young generation about the principles of the state of Madina, to make them aware of the beauty of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), at least we can point out the right and wrong paths to the youth. They should know about the life of their beloved Prophet (PBUH)”.

On the occasion, a five-minute feature film was also aired to inform the Western countries why a Muslim so deeply loves the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).