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Samina Nazeer’s ‘Kallow’ possesses civilisational fragrance

October 18, 2021
Samina Nazeer’s ‘Kallow’ possesses civilisational fragrance

Islamabad: Intellectual and poet Sarmad Sehbai has said that Samina’s recitation is marvellous and her afsanas have civilisational fragrance.

Mr. Sehbai was speaking at the launching ceremony of “Kallow” written by playwright and artist Samina Nazeer organised by Senior Journalist Forum at National Press Club here Friday. M Ziauddin was in the chair. Sanobar Nazir conducted the proceedings.

Mr. Sehbai said that Lord Macaulay wanted western literature to overcome oriental thinking and hence promoted western drama, poetry, and style in the Subcontinent. He said that Samina’s characters are not political nor bound by historical or literary limits. Hers is local modernism, he said adding that we can see, listen and touch her characters in the story.

He said that “Anna Jee” whom he called doggies aunt reflects a lover with the animal world. Dogs assume different shades and styles. Anna Jee had numerous broken toys which a kabarhiya (junk merchant) took away and it appeared to be a funeral of Anna Jee to Sehbai. He said that every house appears to have a dog but wondered how then angels of blessing descend these houses.

Veteran journalist Wajahat Masud said that the book is powerful and reflects the times of the 1970s. He said higher literature cannot discriminate in theme on the basis of gender. He said these are short-stories of life and not of body.

He said that today’s world is not of Meera Jee’s. He observed that we are living in post-modern world. He was of the opinion that important aspects of life should not be pushed under the carpet. Her stories, he opined, will reflect a new aspect of life though it has philosophical touch also. He said that life and instinct are ahead of faith and the writer clearly understands that the marriage with its social, economic and cultural connotations are her focus in the book. He said that Samina has command over words and dexterity is visible as she has studied the drama.

Ms. Samina recited her short-story “Baji” with Hyderabadi accent on the occasion. She also read from Anna Jee.

Answering a question, Ms Samina said that antagonism is there in males as well as females. She said that in her characters, women are not glamorous.

Hoori from Maktaba-e-Daniyal said that publishing this book was a delicious experience as she reads every book she publishes.