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Ipsos survey: 75pc Pakistanis see inflation, 70pc unemployment as biggest issue

By Desk News
June 14, 2021

LAHORE: The latest Ipsos survey found that 75 percent Pakistan see inflation, and 70 percent unemployment as the biggest issue of the country.

In response to the research company’s consumer confidence survey, 86 percent were also not confident about the job security or lack of it. The survey was conducted on June 2-6, 2021, and 1,000 Pakistanis from across country participated in it.

The survey findings showed that 53 percent believe poverty was the most worrying thing, 38 percent increase in electricity rates, while 36 percent said ever-increasing taxes were the biggest issue.

Since August 2019, unemployment and poverty issues have been on top of the list, according to Pakistanis. The survey report also found Pakistanis worried about job security since the beginning of year 2021. Eight persons of every 10 said they were worried about the employment continuity, while the rest 14 percent said there was no job security issue for them.

To a question about losing of job in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, 54 percent said neither they lost their job nor any person of their close circles. However, 46 percent said they themselves or any of their relatives, friends lost job after outbreak of the virus.