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Corona declines in Muslim countries, including Pakistan

September 22, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The number of corona cases in the Muslim countries including Pakistan have dropped significantly.

The corona cases have kept shrinking from June 15 in Pakistan, June 4 in Iran, July 2 in Bangladesh, June 17 in Saudi Arabia, September 4 in Iraq, April 11 in Turkey, May 30 in Qatar, August 8 in Kazakhstan, June 19 in Kuwait, July 14 in Oman, July 1 in Nigeria, August 3 in Uzbekistan, July 27 in Algeria, July 27 in Kirgizstan, July 2 Azerbaijan, June 17 Afghanistan, and June 4 Malaysia.

It said the highest number corona cases in a day on June 15 were 6,825 in Pakistan and 640 cases were reported on September 20, showing significant decline in corona cases. Meanwhile, the total corona cases were 306,304, and 6,420 were killed due to the pandemic, while 293,869 cases recovered. The most affected Islamic country was Iran, where numbers of cases were 425,481, and 24,478 among dead, while 361,523 luckily skipped the danger. The second highest number of corona cases were reported in Bangladesh as total 350,621 cases were positive and 4,979 among dead and 258,717 were recovered. The highest numbers of corona cases 4,919 surfaced on June 17 in Saudi Arabia that has significantly reduced to 551.

It said on September 4, the highest number of a day cases 5,036 were reported in Iraq while the lowest recorded on September 20. Some of the Muslim countries have been facing increase in corona cases, especially in the current month, as 4,168 cases were reported in Indonesia on September 19; 2,488 cases in Morocco on September 17; 1,007 cases in united Arab Emirates on in Morocco12; 841 cases Bahrain on in September 16; 1,118 cases in Palestine on September 16; 1,091 cases in Lebanon on September 14 and 1,446 cases in Libya on September 10.

The total number of corona positive cases was more than 3.6 million in 57 countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and 89,614 victims were killed in the pandemic, while total 3,083,194 victims had successfully recovered from the pandemic. It said the corona cases were being reported in 19 Muslim countries, including Pakistan but the number was at lowest. The most affected Islamic countries were Iran, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan, while Turkmenistan was the only country that did not experience any of the corona cases.

According to the international media, the corona pandemic is resurfacing in the different parts of the world as September seemed tough to various countries regarding resurfacing of COVID-19. It said record number of corona cases was reported in India, USA and Brazil on daily bases. It said Europe too unlikely having another spell of corona pandemic as Britain has been planning to impose a two-week lockdown in October, while Israel has already announced the lockdown.

Meanwhile, new corona cases were not surfaced in 38 OIC member countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman and others for the last several days, while 19 other countries, including Pakistan were having upward trend of new corona cases.