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Protest in Sukkur against PPP-led govt for not providing ration

By Our Correspondent
April 07, 2020

SUKKUR: Hundreds of family members of daily wagers, labourers and workers protested against the government for not providing monthly ration in Sukkur amid the lockdown due to COVID-19.

Reports said the protesters including large number of women reached the Municipal Stadium Sukkur when someone announced that the mayor Sukkur would distribute ration. It said when the people arrived at the place, it was empty and nothing was going on, then they started protesting against the PPP-led Sindh government.

Hazoora Mirani, a protester, said they could not feed their families due to unemployment and closure of all the businesses during the lockdown and it was the Sindh government’s responsibility to provide relief to the people. She said the protesters belonged to the families of daily wagers and labourers, who came here to receive ration.

Manzoor Hussain, a worker, said the Sindh government had assured them to get their salaries, the employers refused to pay their salaries and left the workers to die of hunger because they did have any food to feed their families. He demanded the PPP-led Sindh government to immediately provide ration to save them and the lives of their family members including children and should protect people from starvation.