Thursday July 07, 2022

Govt should make action plan for freedom of Kashmir

August 10, 2016

Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami

An all party conference of the national leaders and the leaders of the occupied and Azad Kashmir was held in Islamabad. Jamaat-i-Islami Ameer Siraj-ul-Haq presided over the conference.

The agenda of the conference was to consider the prevailing situation after martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani in the occupied Kashmir. This conference was held to draw attention of the UN and international institutions for the right of self-determination of the 15 million Kashmiris. 

A large number of national leaders participated in the conference. The Muslims of Pakistan salute the Kashmiris of the occupied valley who are facing the brutalities of Indian forces, struggling for the right to self-determination and are sacrificing their lives for freedom. We pray for the injured, imprisoned and martyred of the occupied Kashmir. We sympathize with their families. We assure the Kashmiris that we are standing by them in their struggle because Kashmir is our priority. That’s why, the support or opposition of the other nations to the Kashmir cause has become a standard for our friendship or enmity.

We also want to make it clear that the solution to Kashmir issue is completion of the incomplete agenda of sub-continent. It is not a bilateral issue. The UNO is bound to give the right to self- determination to Kashmiris according to its resolution No 47 of the year 1948. India has regarded the lawful struggle of Kashmiris for their rights as terrorism. It is nothing but an effort to deviate attention from the state terrorism that has been launched by Indian army in the occupied Kashmir. It is need of the hour that this hypocrisy should be unveiled. Indian army is using forbidden pallet guns in the occupied Kashmir.

Thousands of Kashmiri people are being wounded and losing their eyesight because of this weapon. India is tyrannizing the people of Kashmir in many ways. 

For example, they have imposed a continuous curfew in the valley, put a ban on internet, TV and phone so that the world remains unaware of the real situation in Kashmir. It is violation of human rights. It is necessary that Indian government be exposed to the Human Rights Commission and the international media. We request the government of Pakistan that it should take necessary measures in this regard. The administration of Facebook has removed pictures of Indian violence from Facebook. It shows their partiality. 

The conference pays tribute to all those people and institutions that have supported the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination, whether they live in India or in any part of the world. The statement of Indian foreign minister Sushma Suraaj regarding Jammu and Kashmir is meaningless because Kashmir is not a part of India. It is a disputed territory according to UN resolutions. The future of this region will be decided by its people. Kashmiris have been struggling for their rights for seven decades.

They wrap their martyrs in the flag of Pakistan before putting them into grave. We completely favour Syed Ali Gilani’s points (1. UNO should play its role for the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and compel India to acknowledge the disputed status of the region. 2. Indian army should evacuate the disputed territory. 3. The laws of the jungle should be abolished. 4. All political prisoners should be released.) that he has put before all the nations of the world and India for a just solution to Jammu and Kashmir issue. Government should make an action plan for the freedom of Kashmir on the basis of these points. The APHC should be considered their assembly oatn the next stage. Govt should have a meeting with all religious and political parties before the joint session of parliament so that a permanent policy on Kashmir should be prepared. Measures can be suggested for being active on the fronts of media, politics, law and in foreign policy. 

  The people of Kashmir consider resolutions of UN as basic framework for a just and permanent solution to Kashmir. They reject every solution that will be thrust upon them. They persist on the solution that is acceptable for them. An action plan should be worked out through the joint session of the parliament. All ties of trade and culture should be broken up before any solution to the problem of Kashmir.

The statement of OIC is quite encouraging in this connection. An emergency meeting of OIC should be called to consider the situation in Kashmir, especially duration of curfew. The shortage of food and lifesaving medicines is a problem that should be addressed immediately. In the end of the conference, a message was given to India that the relations between two countries depend only on the solution to Kashmir.

All ways of negotiations are connected with the right of self-determination. No solution is acceptable without it.