Friday April 19, 2024

Punjab CTD arrests four suspects in 45 ‘combing operations’

By Arshad Dogar
March 13, 2023

LAHORE: The Punjab Counter Terrorism Department arrested four suspects in 45 combing operations in different parts of the province on Sunday.

According to the Punjab CTD spokesman, the police conducted 45 combing operations in various districts of the province with the help of local police and security agencies and arrested four suspected persons and registered cases against them.

Giving details of the operations, the spokesperson said that a total of 12 combing operations were carried out in Lahore’s 12 areas, where 1,002 suspects were checked, while during operations in Sheikhupura’s three areas, 149 suspects were interrogated and biometric records of 42 people were also checked.

He said the police conducted six operations in Gujranwala’s six areas where 163 people were grilled, while during four operations in Rawalpindi’s four areas, 193 suspects were quizzed and one of them was arrested and a case was registered against him.

The spokesperson said four operations were conducted in Sargodha’s four areas, where 128 suspects were interrogated and the biometric records of 128 persons were also checked. In Faisalabad, a total of four operations were conducted, in which four areas were checked and 155 people were interrogated, while the biometric records of 155 persons were also checked, he added.

He said that in Sahiwal, three operations were carried out in three areas, where 50 persons were checked and the biometric records of 16 persons were also checked, adding that two operations were conducted in Multan’s two areas, where 55 persons were interrogated and the biometric records of 99 persons were also checked.

He said the police conducted four operations in DG Khan’s four areas, where 145 persons were interrogated and the biometric records of 90 persons were checked and three suspects were arrested. In Bahawalpur’s three areas, a total of three operations were conducted, where 74 people were checked. The spokesperson said the Punjab CTD is diligently pursuing its goals of a safe Punjab and it will go all out to bring all terrorists and anti-state elements behind bars. In case of any related information, the citizens can call on the helpline of Punjab CTD, 0800-11111.