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‘LG polls in Karachi not acceptable without new delimitations’

January 07, 2023

KARACHI:Pasban Democratic Party PDP Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Friday said that the local government elections in megacity Karachi should be held after new delimitations as per the constitution says the Karachiites would not accept a ‘rubber stamp’ mayor.

He said that violation of the constitution will not be tolerated in local government elections in the megacity. He said the ruling quarters are trying to get their desired results in upcoming local government elections by playing different tricks. He said the Karachiites have already been fed with the political parties that are not sincere to the megacity and its citizens. He said uphold of the constitution is a must and making mockers of law and constitution should be stopped for good.

He said that the federal and provincial governments have made the local bodies’ election a joke. He said that the PPP was the champions of devolution of power, but after the 18th amendment it has adopted a mum on this issue.

He said three main political parties or Big Three are a group of politically dishonest people. He said real devolution of power is not amongst the agenda of these parties. He said MQM after making a lot of noise becomes silent after getting it vested interests taken care of. This is its practice for last thirty years. He said the megacity has become a ruined city but the MQM and Big Three are the least concerned. He said the voters should reject these tried and tested politicians for good.