Wednesday February 08, 2023

The wonderful world of colour

November 27, 2022

Islamabad : For its program of the month the Floral Art Society Magnolia chapter (Rawalpindi/ Islamabad) held a demonstration/workshop at Serena Hotel. It was well attended and began with tilawat by Hina Kamran, followed by minutes of the previous meeting presented by Farkhanda Khursheed and a short address on different floral activities by president, Nageen Malik. After the formalities were over, Aisha Zahid, who is a qualified judge; a teacher in the field of floral art and a floral artist of high stature, was called upon to start her demonstration. The title was "Colour impact in design."

Colour theory is a body of principles that guide the relationship between colours and the physiological impacts of certain colour combinations. Hues, tints, and shades of the colour theory were explained with the help of the colour wheel. It was further explained that colours have temperature, weight, and depth and can be used to show feelings.

Members enjoyed the demonstration as well as the equally enjoyable and satisfying workshop activity. For this, members had to pick the title slip from a basket (titles included subjects like elegance, jubilation, mystery, space, spring, etc.) while their arrangements had to be made from the available material chosen according to the title that they picked. Amusing results were seen in the way titles were interpreted but every arrangement was appreciated.